14th May 2013

This was supposed to be the first blog post where a guest expert contributes on a particular topic – the first one covering insurance and the importance of having it for wind turbine owners. This is still the plan but as our first expert is a huge company there are various channels of authorisation which they need to be gone through. Anyway, I am hoping that we are at the business end of this process now so by next Monday we will be hot to trot. In hindsight, maybe I should have started a bit smaller but it will be worth the wait and I am really looking forward to the new blog format.

In addition to our first contributor, we also have our 2nd and 3rd guest experts signed up and willing to help. One is a blue chip international planning consultancy and the other a major UK wind turbine developer. Future topics will depend on what readers want so please feel free to let me know if you have a question or subject you would like further information on.

They always say that one of the first signs of economic growth is when rebar and concrete suppliers start to get busy – all building works obviously require steel and concrete and there is always a lag between construction starting and a gleaming new building/project people can admire. On this basis, the UK must be well on the way to recovery as all our rebar and concrete suppliers are flat out and supplying at capacity making it a struggle to get material at short notice – 3 months ago you could call an order in and the rebar would be sitting on the workshop floor within 2-3 days.

Whether the overall economy is recovering or not, the UK wind sector appears to be struggling along with no-one really doing anything to set the world alight. Even some of our biggest clients are finding the going is tough at the moment although we are all expecting a busy Q3 and 4. There is another FiT deadline next April so that may give the market the kick up the backside it needs to get moving again. Excuse my French but that is exactly what it needs!

We have won a couple of new jobs over the past week including a ‘design and build’ for a 100kW wind turbine base just outside Bristol and a bespoke foundation for a sub 50kW turbine up in the Scottish Borders which we have to start next Monday. We have also priced for a lot of work these last couple of weeks including Balance of Plant for a number of 250kW developments for a new client, a 500kW base with access track and crane pad and the mechanical installation of multiple turbines across the UK. A lot of this work will be some months away but like any business it is important to have a pipeline of projects to keep us busy for as long as possible.

I will see a lot of you up at All Energy in Aberdeen next week. I will be staying over on Tuesday/Wednesday night and will be at the show both days so if you want to meet up for a coffee and a chat call me on 07825 994004.

Enjoy the rest of your week


Alex Thornton14th May 2013