25th July 2014

Wow, Friday already. A combination of being super busy and having fun means that time is flying at the moment!

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag with very little chance for action shots which I regularly put up on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Windcare/202108219833128. There will be some more photos put up there next week as we are installing (mechanical/electrical) a 100kW turbine (30m tower) down in Leicester.

Some of our install crew have been down in Bedfordshire for most of the week finishing of the installation of a 225kW turbine on a 50m tower. The rest were on standby for another installation which unfortunately has been knocked back due to a delay in the shipping of the turbine. You would be surprised by how often installation works are delayed as getting turbines through port and hauled to site for an exact date/time can be a logistical nightmare.

My week has been spent pricing for new work which seems to be coming in thick and fast now. We had a big push on the G59 panel building and witness testing services we offer http://windcare.co.uk/electrical-panels-and-g592-relay-testing/ and have some decent enquiries for a couple of 250kWp bespoke panels going into the solar PV sector. By being able to design, build, install and witness test the panels in-house (and to tight timescales), a lot of pressure is taken off the client who would normally be juggling multiple contractors and this side of the business continues to be popular. Having our own G59 test meter also means we are able to offer our testing services on a highly flexible basis.

Pricing for new work is all well and good but it unfortunately doesn’t pay the bills. To be fair, our pipeline of work for us to get stuck into over the next few months is pretty packed so I can’t complain. My job is to ensure that remains the case so we can keep our lads (and lass) busy all the time. New work which we secured so far this week includes the mechanical installation of a 500kW turbine in Lancashire, construction of a substation foundation for the DNO in East Yorkshire as well as private electrical works (LV/HV from turbine to DNO substation) for a 250kW wind turbine site in Cumbria. We are used to tight timescales but order to completion in 7 weeks for the Cumbria project, including supply of the transformer, will be putting us (and our supply partners) under a bit of pressure. I am hoping that by the end of the day we will be confirmed as contractors for the construction of 2 foundations for 500kW turbines too. That would cap a good week off nicely!

Our groundworks guys have had a quiet few weeks but things are starting to kick off again now.  They will be putting in two 50kW bases down in Melton Mowbray, the substation base in East Yorkshire, three 80kW foundations in Scotland as well as the two 500kW foundations we are hoping to secure today – with plenty more where that came from still to be confirmed. The installers will then be following behind putting the turbines up once the concrete has cured.

I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather. It looks like it is going to stay hot until Sunday and then starts to deteriorate as next week goes on. Maybe this weekend is the last chance for a summer BBQ – I hope not but will be taking the kids to the beach tomorrow just in case!

Enjoy the weekend


Alex Thornton25th July 2014