5th February 2015

Final preparations are being made for next week when we will be exhibiting at Energy Now Expo 2015 in Telford. We don’t do a lot of the shows but for the last 3 years we have had a stand at this one which has generated a lot of work for us. Colin Lockwood (Project Engineer), Tim Harper (Electrical Engineer) and myself will all be on stand 61 for both Wednesday and Thursday. If you are attending the show please come over and say hi.

Historically, this is the quietest time of year for us with the Dec FiT deadline passed and all ‘shovel ready’ projects completed. From the beginning of January until end of February there isn’t normally a lot of work to do. This year however it is a different story. I am not sure why but we are absolutely flat out again and the groundworks guys are booked up solid until the end of April!! Maybe the planners have given up trying to fight applications as last year people couldn’t get 500kW turbines up for toffee? Now we are putting 2 of them in a month with one manufacturer saying they have 100 more to do by the end of the year. It is great that the market has gone ballistic but once again, I just hope it is sustainable long-term.

This week the groundworks are down in Tuxforth doing a 500kW foundation and DNO combined substation base. Once completed, they will be heading straight up to Fife to make a start on another 500kW project. Access tracks and crane pads need to be in quickly before we can make a start on the steels. We have a concrete pouring deadline date of 6th March for the main base which is going some!!! There are another 2 x 50kW bases to do up in Scotland before the guys move down to West Wales to do a 36m tower base and then keep heading south for a twin 50kW project in Cornwall.

The install team are currently up in Scotland putting 3 x 50kW turbines up (2 sites) this week. All lifting has now been completed and two of them have been commissioned waiting for G59/3 witness testing tomorrow. They will be working mainly around Yorkshire for the next couple of weeks catching up on service and maintenance work before starting on another batch of installs third week in Feb.

Customer Electrics is another side of the business which is particularly busy at the moment. Whilst we are not connecting as much wind/solar as some of our competitors claim to be doing, we are seeing a big increase in demand for our services. Customer Electrics is basically the interface between the DNO and the wind turbine where the client accepts a full offer of connection (as opposed to a POC offer). We have nearly 5 MW of capacity to install by the end of April and another 3MW confirmed shortly after. We are looking to really ratchet Customer Electrics up over the next 6-12 months and hope at that we get some new enquiries at Energy Now Expo.

My mobile number is 07825 994004 if you want to arrange to meet for a coffee next week. I could also be quite easily talked into going for a pint on Wednesday night if that is more your taste!

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Alex Thornton5th February 2015