5th January 2015

I don’t know about you but I was getting quite used to not working and could have easily carried on for a good couple of weeks! However, all good things must come to an end and everyone is now back in the office getting ready for a very busy year ahead.

Like most companies involved in the small/medium scale wind sector, we had a mental busy November and December last year. Somehow we managed to work our way through a huge amount of work with all turbines installed and commissioned before the drop-dead dates. I take my hat off to everyone at WindCare who went far beyond the call of duty and worked their socks off to get turbines spinning in time. In the end we were also lucky with the weather as a repeat of the winds the previous year would have scuppered our plans big time. The weather did threaten at one point to spoil the party but quickly backed off again.

Our groundworks crew is straight back at it starting a 500kW base and DNO substation near Doncaster at the end of this week. They have 3 of these to do on the trot before heading up to Scotland to do some smaller 100kW foundations up there – they are basically flat-out until the end of February with more jobs waiting for final scheduling which is quite encouraging.

Install wise, we have 2 weeks to prepare for the next batch of jobs meaning the guys can get stuck into some servicing and scheduled maintenance work. They will then be heading up to the Fife area to install 3 x 50kW turbines before moving over to Fort William to put up another small turbine there.

Customer Electrics (or private electrical works – whatever you want to call it) is an area which we are currently seeing most growth for our services. Traditionally, WindCare has been a Balance of Plant contractor employed by our clients as Principle Contractor delivering wind projects in-house and in their entirety. However, we have recently been pulled in by a couple of larger EPC contractors as a pure electrical contractor. This model is proving to be successful and has created a lot of work with demonstrable added value to the end client – which is a key measure I like to use when looking at a new way of delivering our services.  We are currently in the running for approximately 11MW of electrical installation works with a fair bit of civil/electrical design work also which is potentially big business for us.

Last but not least, WindCare is about to launch a new range of services which will be announced in the next week or so. We have been looking at this opportunity for a couple of years and feel the timing is now right. It is a big step for us but also a logical expansion from what we are already doing. Watch this space for lots more news!

Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy New Year to everyone.


Alex Thornton5th January 2015