5th Sept 2014

We are heading for the same crazy situation which seems to repeat itself each year. We have a quiet(ish) summer and then come September/October it goes ballistic all the way through to the following March/April. The groundworks crew have 2 weeks off between now and Christmas and that is before we even consider poor weather and jobs taking longer than expected (normally as a result of the weather too). It would be nice to spread the work out a bit more and make the most of long/light summer days with relatively placid weather conditions but it doesn’t seem to work like that.

Next week we start constructing the first of three 500kW wind turbine bases which are due for completion by the end of the month. The second one of these is a bit of a beast with 18 tonnes of steel and 150mᶟ of structural concrete. Combined with the turbine foundations, we are also building the DNO combined substation bases. Photos from our last 500kW project can be seen on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Windcare/202108219833128. You should like our page as this is where we put up most of the action shots from various jobs we do.

This week our install team have been mechanically installing a couple of 225kW turbines local to us (for once!) with them heading down to Bedfordshire next week to install another 225kW turbine on a 50m tower. The turbine is due for arrival Tuesday so we are aiming to get it up ready for commissioning on Friday.

Electrically it has also been fairy busy. We are in the middle of a Customer Electrics job in Cumbria at the moment which should be done for the end of next week. Our scope of works is the LV cabling/terminations from turbine to our transformer and then all the 11kV works from the transformer down to the DNO sub. These jobs take a lot of planning and liaising with the DNO, turbine manufacturer and end client but it seems to be going relatively smoothly with everything being delivered in-house. There are 4-5 more of these jobs we hope to complete before the end of the year and Customer Electrics is probably the area of the business which is currently growing the fastest.

We continue to price for new Balance of Plant (BoP) works in our niche sector (sub 500kW turbines) and have picked up a couple of interesting projects. We have 5 x sub100kW BoP jobs to do in Scotland, 2 in Wales, a couple on the Midlands and one in Durham. We haven’t been down to Cornwall/South West for a while but there are a couple of new sites I am working on! We are also preferred contractor for a very exciting multi-turbine project which if it comes off will put us firmly on the map as the leading ISP to the small/medium wind sector. Until we have been formally engaged as BoP provider I am unable to say anything more but there will be a lot of publicity generated once contracts are signed and ground is broken on this one.

In other news, I am 5 weeks into 6am boot-camp and feel terrible!

Enjoy the weekend


Alex Thornton5th Sept 2014