Annual servicing and maintenance Most wind turbine manufacturers will insist that your wind turbine is regularly serviced to keep your warranty valid. On smaller turbines this is often one service per annum whereas for larger ones it can be every 3-6 months. Regular servicing of your wind turbine is also a good opportunity for a thorough inspection to be carried out to identify and rectify any issues before they become major problems – prevention being better than cure.

WindCare specialise in offering our customers long-term annual servicing and maintenance packages to ensure the availability of your wind turbine is maximised – whilst ensuring your warranty remains valid. To date, WindCare look after nearly 250 wind turbines of various shapes and sizes right across the UK. This volume gives us economies of scale not enjoyed by other service providers and means we can group work together in most locations reducing the overall cost to each customer.

Following every site visit, WindCare will complete a detailed Engineer’s Report identifying any issues which require attention and photos of any worn, damaged or failed parts. When servicing your wind turbine, we will complete the necessary servicing plan specified by the manufacturer and complete and submit the associated paperwork. In the event you need to make a warranty claim, we will complete the relevant fault & warranty documentation, order replacement parts from the manufacturer and project manage the entire job from start to finish.

If you are using external funding to develop your wind project you may find that banks insist you partner with an O&M provider for at least the first 5 years of the turbines life to minimise technical risk and protect their investment. When choosing an O&M partner, it is essential that you consider their ability to respond quickly when things go wrong (availability of your turbine determines its financial success) and also carry essential spare parts so problems can be fixed on the first visit to site. Wind turbine maintenance is more than just reacting to a breakdown; it is about prevention of maintenance issues in the first place, predicting when a breakdown is likely to occur – and being prepared when it does. Wind turbines do break down and it is about having the ability to quickly diagnose the problem and rectify it with the minimum of disruption and downtime. Our relationship with the turbine manufacturers (we work with many of them directly) ensures availability and rapid delivery of spare parts in the event of a breakdown.

All of our O&M customers benefit from 24/7 phone access and monitoring of your SCADA system where required. We always aim to be on your site within 24 hours of a maintenance issue occurring and it is very rare that this response time is not achieved – regardless of where your wind turbine is.

Alex ThorntonAnnual servicing and maintenance