Energy Now Expo 2013

Last week was all about the Energy Now Expo Show down in Telford. It was the first time WindCare had ever exhibited so we were starting from scratch and didn’t really know what to expect. Looking at the big pile of new enquiries on my desk collected during the show I am sure taking a bit of a gamble on the stand was worth it (and more hopefully!). We met a lot of familiar faces and also a good number of new ones – strengthening my belief that the farm based renewables energy sector is firing on all cylinders and is going to boom in the next 6 months if the Government holds firm. It is encouraging to see the level of investment made by so many companies into the show and demonstrates the confidence they have in the long-term prospects of the market.

Interestingly, I was speaking to a few land agents at the show and many have invested heavily in building their own team(s) of dedicated renewables experts such is the interest from their clients and the importance of this sector to their business. One of them said he expected all his farming clients to have one or more renewable energy technology (wind, biomass, solar) installed within the next 5 years. The Farmers Guardian also had a similar take on things a few weeks ago when it surveyed its readers. This is great news for the industry and as an independent service provider specialising in farm based wind developments, WindCare is ideally placed to play an important role in this rollout.

Back to business and last week was another one dominated by servicing and planned maintenance work. The guys were in Southport, Manchester, Torquay, Scunthorpe, Lincoln and Halifax and for once the weather was actually on our side! We had an interesting maintenance job for a local authority who commissioned us to try and fix a turbine that had not generated a bean in over 9 months. Without blowing our own trumpet we found the fault and resolved the issue on our first visit to site and it is now happily generating away – much to the amazement of the council who thought it was a basket case and would need to come down.

This week the guys are in West Yorkshire, Hull, Halifax, possibly Dundee and Huddersfield doing servicing and preventative maintenance work. There are also some larger maintenance jobs towards the end of the week weather permitting for us to do.

I know I keep saying this but there is a huge amount of work sitting there in our project pipeline being held up by all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. To give you an idea, the following projects are currently pencilled in for March (in addition to normal service and maintenance work);

–          Installation of 50kW turbine near Glasgow

–          Balance of plant for a 225kW wind turbine in Devon

–          Electrical installation and testing on a 2 x 800kW wind development on the outskirts of Hull

–          Electrical installation for a 500kW turbine near Nottingham

–          Installation and balance of plant for 4 x sub 50kW turbines in West Yorkshire

–          Foundations for 2 x 100kW turbines up in the Scottish Borders (incl fabrication of holding down assemblies)

–          Fabrication of holding down assembly for 500kW turbine

The chances are that not all of this work will drop in March but after a quiet January and February it would be great for things to kick off a bit again! We always said Dec/Jan/Feb would be difficult months after the 30th Nov FiT review and we were right. However, onwards and upwards from here and March to December will be booming!

Have a good weekend and our blog will be out on Mondays from now on.


Alex ThorntonEnergy Now Expo 2013