Green Shoots

Looking at our work schedule, this should be our last really quiet week and things will start picking up from here. Although we always thought January would be quiet, for some reason that doesn’t make it feel any better and I am looking forward to being back in the swing of things again.

We have been busy in the office getting ready for Energy Now Expo 2013 which is on the 13th and 14th February at the Telford International Centre. We are exhibiting on stand 85 and have been designing pull-up banners, leaflets and a little surprise for everyone who comes and says hi to us. I will also be at LAMMA next Thursday so if you are going please give me a shout.

We were awarded a couple of new jobs this week which was encouraging. We have a ‘design and build’ 100kW piled wind turbine foundation to do up in the Scottish Borders and another slightly smaller one near Livingston. We are prepping the rebar and fabricating the holding down assemblies for both of these jobs in our workshop before hauling to site. We also received start dates for 4 small turbine installations over in West Yorkshire which have been held up in planning for ages. We have priced for plenty of other work but much of it is for February/March.

It is early days but I am working on a potential job for a group of foreign companies who are looking to build out 100+ wind sites across the UK with a variety of sub 500kW wind turbines. Their missing link is having an independent support partner who can offer them a national service including both balance of plant for multiple different turbines and then long-term O&M. This is our bread and butter so fingers crossed.

Next week consists of a load of servicing work mixed in with a bit of planned maintenance (plus whatever reactive work drops in over the weekend). That said, looking at the front page of the Daily Mail today (garage forecourt, I don’t read it), the Met Office is apparently predicting 2 weeks of Arctic storms starting tomorrow which may ruin my well thought out work plan. We will just see what the weather brings and go with the flow.

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy the snow (if it comes)


Alex ThorntonGreen Shoots