No News is Good News

This post will be shorter than usual as a result of last week being fairy standard compared to normal with little out of the ordinary to report.

The beginning of the week was dominated by annual servicing work which saw us up in Durham, Scunthorpe and Huddersfield. The weather was perfect with the added bonus that all turbines serviced passed with flying colours – believe it or not we would much rather visit each turbine we look after just once a year for its annual service than having to respond to niggling reactive maintenance issues on a regular basis. That may seem strange coming from a company like ours but WindCare’s business model is built on supporting turbine owners over the lifetime of the wind turbines, not just the first couple of years. Consistent generation/performance of turbines is far more important to us than the short-term gain in having to go out regularly to fix them. The only way the market is going to grow is if technology does what it says on the tin and rewards the owner accordingly – no different to any other market/product.

On Thursday and Friday we had two large maintenance jobs for the guys to get stuck into. I am sure they would agree that routine maintenance and servicing is great but doesn’t get the blood pumping quite like some of the more major work we have to do (I would love to go into this further but for obvious confidentiality reasons I can’t!).

Also on Thursday we started the groundworks for a sub 50kW wind turbine near Manchester. I say started because we should have finished the job in a single day but access from the highway to the base was so bad the concrete company couldn’t get their wagon in and we had to abort until today (smaller trucks should be fine). On smaller jobs like this there is no budget to put a stone track or even temporary road in so it is often a case of using a combination of a tele-handler/bucket, a concrete pump or dumper trucks to move concrete about. All in all very frustrating – it is the first time in 18 months we have had to call off a pour like this and it is just sods law it was our first job for a new client!

This week looks similar to what we did last week – routine service and maintenance at the beginning of the week followed by larger planned maintenance work towards the end. We have plenty of office work cut out for us preparing for the installation of a new turbine up near Glasgow before the end of March. We should also get the nod this week for a new 100kW foundation near Bristol and a 250kW one (including access track, crane pad and sub-station base) for a community ownership project in Cornwall – all the action seems to be down in the South West at the moment!

Enjoy your week.


Alex ThorntonNo News is Good News