Something in the Water

There must have been something in the water as I have never had so many new jobs to price for clients before in a single week. I am hoping that this is a sign of the flood gates finally opening and us getting back to our normal busy selves. From multiple 250kW ‘design and build’ foundations, access roads and crane pads, to long-term O&M of Council owned wind turbines, to a bespoke 600amp G59/2 panel with associated distribution transformer and HV work, it really has been an interesting week and has kept us on our toes.

Did you see WindCare in the York Press on Monday? Here is a link to the story if you missed it I thought it read quite well for a first attempt and we have had a lot of positive reaction, mainly from other local businesses which was nice. We are still far from a success story and are not sitting on our laurels for a moment but when people you know and respect give words of encouragement it gives you a huge boost.

This week has all been about servicing turbines with one maintenance call-out on Tuesday. Although the snow has not been such an issue, the cold has and you try doing an oil change on the top of a turbine in -6°C and keep a smile on your face! The guys have once again been fantastic and fully deserve their WindCare onesies which hopefully take the edge off it a bit.
It is more of the same next week sprinkled with a few planned maintenance jobs depending on the weather. There is also the electrical installation and commissioning of a small wind turbine to do towards the end of the week in West Yorkshire. Next Friday we are doing a DNO G59 witness test up in the Scottish Borders.

I am hoping our clients can give us the green light to start on a couple of 100kW foundations which have been allocated to us in the next few weeks and we should also hear very shortly whether we have secured a 500kW base in West Wales. I am conscious of the fact we haven’t put a foundation in since mid-December but maybe that is a blessing in disguise given the current weather!

Final preparations are being made for Energy Expo and all our print work comes in today – remember we are on stand 85 and looking at the floor plan we are next to Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon on one side and Roger Parry Chartered Surveyors on the other with NatWest Bank right opposite us.

Enjoy your weekend


Alex ThorntonSomething in the Water