11th March 2013

For those eagle eyed readers amongst you, you probably have noticed there is no catchy heading for the blog this week. I have decided to revert back to a more standard format going forward as I was spending more time trying to come up with a short title than actually writing the blog!

Since the beginning of the year we finally appear to be getting back into a steady rhythm with planned work known 3 weeks in advance. This is a huge relief as it means we don’t have to constantly fire fight and can plan work properly and operate more efficiently. The majority of our work at the moment is servicing turbines alongside planned maintenance work.

To kick off last week we had a G59 DNO witness test near Driffield. When we decided to purchase our own testing meter (rather than hiring one) it was a big decision as it cost a small fortune. For a small business this was a serious expense but the benefit it has provided us has been worth it ten times over. Owning our own meter has allowed us to be much more flexible and has allowed us to supply many more bench-tested G59 panels which are notorious for short lead-times. We hold a lot of electrical stock now for the panels and with the meter can normally turnaround a sub 100kW bench-tested G59 panel within 48 hours (we supplied 3 just last week).

Also on Monday we were finally able to pour concrete on the small base we were working on the previous week near Manchester for a new client. If you read our blog last week http://windcare.co.uk/no-news-is-good-news/ you will know what a nightmare we had with access issues on this site in particular with the concrete trucks unable to get into the site. We ended up getting smaller concrete wagons to within 75m of the base and then had to pump the concrete to the foundation – not ideal but it is finished now and hopefully many more of these to follow.

We did a couple of large planned maintenance jobs last week on two very poorly turbines and happy to say they are now both back on and spinning. With access at this time of year being a major issue we used a big Roto instead of a normal crane. It is a bit of a lump to move around but there is no other way of getting 30m up in the air to work on a turbine without spending a fortune on temporary roadway.

Other than that it was a relatively quiet week with a bit of servicing work to plug the gaps.

This week is looking remarkably similar to the last one. Bits and bobs at the beginning on the week (servicing and routine maintenance) followed by some larger maintenance work towards the end. We have another G59 witness test to do (Lincs) and will start building another couple of panels which have just been ordered.

I am still waiting to hear back about a number of jobs we have priced recently. There is a 250kW base down in the South West and another 100kW ‘design and build’ foundation to do near Bristol. We have just been given the nod by a new client to install a 60kW wind turbine up near Glasgow and this job starts next Tuesday. We had our appointed person up at site on Friday looking at the access and also preparing the necessary lifting plans and health and safety documentation. We have priced for a few holding down assemblies including a foundation can for a 225kW turbine and we should be getting movement on these jobs shortly too – I will of course keep you posted!

Enjoy your week


Alex Thornton11th March 2013

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